THE SUNDAY MAN by Toni V. Sweeney

Linda Nightingale

Class Act Books and Toni V. Sweeney present:

The Sunday Man – (Book 5: Liam, in the McCoy Family Saga) – 19th century romance


Like his uncle Padraig, Liam McCoy is the black sheep of the McCoy family’s third generation.  Unlike his uncle, he has no intention to change. Being the owner of some questionable businesses suits him just fine.

Unfortunately Liam never fully recovered from the shoot-out saving his cousin’s life, and if he doesn’t change his way of living soon…he may not be living much longer.

When his father demands he return to Ireland, Liam has to again become the gentleman he was raised to be. A devastating rainstorm and a spirited Irish lass will definitely change the way he thinks about a lot of things.


“What do you want, Walters?” Liam’s greeting was anything but friendly as he approached the table by which the gent from…

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Chatting on Twitter

What is a Twitter chat?

While many descriptions abound, I like the following: Imagine a business networking event without a dress code and with a keyboard instead of a bar.

Or to be more precise…

A group of Twitter users meet at a pre-determined time to discuss set topics using a designated hashtag (#) for each tweet contributed. The moderator of the chat poses questions (Q1, Q2, Q3,…) to prompt responses from participants (A1, A2, A3, …). Each chat usually lasts an hour.


When I first joined Twitter, I shied away from participating in chats. To be truthful, I found them intimidating. I tried to follow the flow of several conversations and wondered how anyone could keep up with the constant flow of information. I had read somewhere that participating in a Twitter chat is like trying to navigate rapids while white water rafting. Not something I’ve ever tried or…

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The ‘Magick’ of Ireland with Author Patty Taylor

Wonder author, beautiful pictures, and a great lady!

One Writer's Way

A warm welcome to my friend and fellow author, Patty Taylor, here to share about her fascinating Irish heritage and upcoming Celtic fantasy romance.

Dunluce Castle #1 edited(Dunluce Castle–This image and all others by Patty Taylor)

Good Morning Everyone. 🙂  I wish to thank my friend and mentor, Beth, for inviting me as a guest today on her lovely blog. I feel honored to be here and hope I can come back again as soon as my first novel, “Mortal Magick” is released in June by Soul Mate Publishing.. By then, I’ll be able to share my cover and a peek at a few of the other stories I’m currently working on. I write fantasy/paranormal romance with a wee bit of magical lore woven into all my stories. I “love animals”, and enjoy spinning exotic fibers on my spinning wheels where I’ve blended my beloved Samoyeds (dogs) undercoats with alpaca, sheep and even Angora wool…

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What I Don’t Say by Rebecca E. Neely

We, as writers, spend hours, days, months, years, searching for ways to tell stories and say things in compelling ways.

However, the longer I write, I find what I don’t say is equally, if not sometimes, more important to the story.

SilenceSilence, pregnant pauses, respites, breaks, and other taciturn timeouts add, and enhance interest and drama and flair, not only in stories, but all around us, every day.

For example, on a recent weekend getaway, while walking in the woods, only blessed silence surrounded me. Because of the absence of noise other than the trees swaying in the breeze, I enjoyed the blue sky, the sun on my face, the trees, their leaves, beneath my feet, all the more.

How about music? Scores (pun intended) of examples exist but The Chain by Fleetwood Mac comes to mind. The song begins with a haunting blend of bare bones guitar chords and drums…

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Carpe Diem for Writers

On one of my antiquing trips I came across a little wooden plaque engraved with what I thought were the words Carpe Diem. Reminded of the movie Dead Poets Society, in which the phrase carpe diem played a role, as well as one of my favorite actors Robin Williams who starred in the movie, I picked up the plaque. Upon closer inspection I saw the words were not carpe diem, but Carpe Diet.

What a clever play on the phrase, I thought, and good advice as well, especially since I have a need to seize my own diet. I put the plaque down, but continued to think about the word carpe and its importance in our lives. The idea of seizing something has a hopeful element to it. When we seize a day or a moment or a job the chances of doing something special or having something…

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Marketing, Social Media & Book Signings—Why NONE of These Directly Impact Book Sales

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 10.57.14 AM

In The Digital Age, we seem to find a lot of extremes. Either articles or blogs ranting how social media doesn’t sell books, it’s too hard, there are too many rules, whiiiiiiinnnnne. These folks might write books, maybe even great books, but I suppose they think readers will find them using telepathy. 

Or, there are those who worship the Oracle of Automation and the Lord of Algorithms. Instead of writing MORE BOOKS, they tweet, FB, Instagram, buy flare, do blog tours, futz with the website, the cover, the algorithms…and then can later be witnessed crying in a corner with a pan of brownies and a half-finished bottle of rum.

Thus, I am here to bring some balance to The Force.

Social Media Was NEVER About Selling Books Directly—Who KNEW?

Image via Flikr Creative Commons courtesy of Zoetnet. Image via Flikr Creative Commons courtesy of Zoetnet.

I’ve been saying this for about ten years, because the…

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Maureen L. Bonatch~Ruthie’s No Bake Cookies

Mmmm, no bake cookies from author Maureen L. Bonatch!

Contests – Coffee Time Romance & More

I’m giving away a $20.00 Amazon gift card on Coffee Time Romance, stop by for your chance to win.

Contests – Coffee Time Romance & More.



Sophia Kimble~Pierogies

Stop on by Romance Recipes and learn how to make pierogies with me!

Just in Time For Holiday Reading – DESTINY CALLING by Maureen Bonatch

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