New ID requirements for Facebook. Helpful or hurtful?

I recently had a friend become locked out of Facebook. In doing research, I discovered that Facebook is doing this to prevent scams and they now require you to give them a copy of a government-issue photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport. Now in this age of identity theft, I have a real problem with this. Facebook claims that they delete the ID after verifying that you are a real person that matches your page information, name and date of birth, but do they really?

Here is what Facebook says about it:

Why do I need to upload an ID?

We require everyone using Facebook to use their real name and real birthday. This way, you always know who you’re connecting with. In order to confirm that you’re using your real name on Facebook, we need you to provide a copy of your ID. Note that we’ll permanently delete this document after we resolve your issue.


What types of ID do you accept?

The best form of ID you can provide is a government-issued photo ID like a passport or driver’s license. This ID must:

  • Clearly show your name, picture and birthday
  • Be in color

What happens to my ID after I upload it?

After we resolve your issue, we’ll permanently delete this document from our servers.


And, what of all the kids aged 13-16 who don’t have a photo ID?


With the government doing such a bang-up job lately, I have to wonder. The IRS has taken to using social media to spy on you, so can you really be sure your identification is only being used for the benign purposes they propose? Is it a long reach from “Yes, we deleted your ID,” to… “Facebook is sorry to announce that our accounts were hacked and millions of users personal identification is now in the hands of identity thieves.”

Things that make you go ‘hummm.’

I, personally, will not be giving Facebook my identification. I would love to hear what everyone thinks on this matter.


4 thoughts on “New ID requirements for Facebook. Helpful or hurtful?”

  1. Excellent wrap up. I never got that far. They wanted me to identify names of business associates I work with on line only.


  2. It’s scary to think of where our nation is headed…. on so many levels. The day I have to provide state ID will be my last day on Facebook.


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