Querying and Best Practices

This is a great blog on querying for all you writers out there.

The Daily Dahlia

Good Lord there is a lot of bad advice about querying out there. And I don’t know why people continue to dispense it, but it’s clearly coming from people who haven’t done their research in the right ways… like, by listening to how good, respected agents actually feel on the subject.

So, let’s discuss a few of the bad pieces of advice out there, and why they’re so bad, shall we?

1. Query only your bottom choices first, in case your query sucks.

Now, why is this bad advice? Well a couple reasons.

  • It uses agents as your test subjects on a query. Why on Earth would you use agents as test subject on your query instead of other writers? You should not be sending out a query that sucks, period, even if it’s to agents you don’t care about. (And you definitely shouldn’t be querying agents you don’t care…

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