An Abridged Glossary of Pub Speak

The Daily Dahlia

Every now and again, it gets brought to my attention that not everyone is fluent in Pub Speak (like the time my friend told me I made about as much sense to her in an interview as her Orthopedic Surgeon husband would), especially of the ridiculously abbreviated Twitter variety. So, I figured I may as well make a quick reference sheet to be used as necessary! (And by quick, I mean quick – many of these are oversimplified and refer to only the barest bones of the meaning. Do your own research!)

MS/ms – manuscript (plural: MSS/mss)

WC – word count

MC – main character, i.e. the protagonist of any given work

LI – love interest, i.e. the romantic interest of the MC

PB – Picture Book

MG – Middle Grade, a category targeted to and featuring characters ages approximately 9-13

YA – Young Adult, a category targeted to and…

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