Deleted Scene from Beautiful Mistake by Nancy Corrigan

Check this out.

Literary Lagniappe

Oh, look! A deleted scene from Beautiful Mistake:


beautifulmistake_msrDevin tugged Lena closer as they crossed the airport’s parking lot and enjoyed the way she fit against him, their bodies automatically moving in sync. He had to shorten his strides but didn’t mind if it meant she’d keep touching him.

She peeked at him from under those spiky lashes he adored.

“Your friends keep looking at me funny.”

Yeah, he’d noticed it too only he knew why they scrutinized her. They were trying to figure out if her partial mating was having any negative effects on her, not that he was going to tell her their reason. It might scare her enough that she’d put distance between them, return to her god and take his heaven away from him.

“They’re curious about you. No female has ever caught my attention before.” One of her brows lifted. He grinned. “Okay, let…

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