Verbs: The Bad

MM's Fundamentals of English

Here is part 2 of my chat on Savvy Authors May 22, 2013. In part 1 I gave a link to a list of over 1000 verbs. Here it is again:

Next, the Bad: Weak Verbs. A weak verb is everything a strong verb isn’t. Instead of vibrant, a weak verb is dull. Instead of clear, a weak verb is vague. Instead of strong, a weak verb is wimpy. Instead of precise, a weak verb is ambiguous. Instead of energetic, a weak verb is lifeless.

Everyone picks on the verb to be, but it’s certainly not the only weak verb. Any verb that is overused, worn out, and in need of a vacation qualifies for the title of WEAK VERB, verbs like to come, to go, to use, to make.

Verbs are the words that move your story along. Characters do stuff. Do you want to…

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