Verbs: The Ugly

MM's Fundamentals of English

Here is part 3 of my chat on Savvy Authors May 22, 2013, on verbs. Here’s a link to a great site with 1000 verbs.

This part concentrates on passive voice verbs. Beginning June 3rd, I will present a 6-lesson workshop (two weeks) on this topic on Savvy Authors. If you are interested, here’s the link: The title is correct, the description is totally wrong. The workshop will be on passive verbs.

If you need more, I also have a month-long workshop on passive voice with Maryland RW beginning September 30. Here’s that link:, but the workshop isn’t up yet on the site.

Last, the Ugly. Ugly verbs are verbs gone wild. They no longer follow the rules the Grammar Goddess created for their use. Include them in your writing and you’ll bounce your reader right out of your story. That’s not a good thing!


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