The Curse of the Saggy Middle

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For the Love of Books

When you first start writing, there’s an excitement that keeps your fingers flying. Everything is new and you’re eager to get your characters onto the pages to begin their journey. By the same token, when you reach the end of the story, the resolution is in sight, and you’ve labored with your characters for days, weeks, months, and you can’t wait to write, “The End.” But, somewhere in the middle, things start to lag. Not just the words and creative juices, but there is also a lot of self-doubt going on, too, questioning about whether the story is truly worth writing, and if you’ve done it justice.

It’s the saggy middle curse!

I’m going to share with you some of my own tips on how to deal with a saggy middle—and get over that hump!

  • Every scene should have a goal of moving the story forward—even if that scene is…

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