How Do You Know When Your Manuscript is Ready?

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You have a story with a great hook. It’s unique and you think it can stand up in today’s marketplace. You want to send it out for consideration and of course you want your submission to be its very best! But how do you know when it’s ready? That seems to be one of the biggest questions writers have because let’s face it, it’s hard to judge your own work! Of course you must go through rounds of critiques and revisions. It also helps to have a checklist to go over so you can make sure your manuscript has all those elements it needs to make sure you have created a manuscript worthy of consideration. Of course, there are genre specific elements but some things to put on your list are:

  • Arc
  • Character growth
  • Problem that the main character resolves himself
  • Great descriptive words
  • Active verbs
  • Definite beginning, middle, and end

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