Can you write during a natural disaster?

I have been invited to join the…My Writing Process Blog Tour, and today, April 28, 2014 is my day. Now, had I not waited until the last minute to write this post, I wouldn’t be trying to write in between Tornado Warning sirens and Lightning strikes, but that is exactly what I am doing. Image

I wanted to give heartfelt condolences to those affected by the tornado outbreak yesterday in Arkansas, Iowa, and Oklahoma, and say a prayer for all those in its path today.

That being said…  Can you write during an impending natural disaster? A hurricane, tornado, earthquake, blizzard?  Would love to hear from you guys as to wether,  WEATHER can inspire or hinder your creative juices. Please leave a reply and let me know.

Okay, on with the blog tour…

I want to thank my friend and fellow author, Patty Taylor Koontz, who invited me to participate in this tour. She has a great page on Fairie Magic …check it out.

What am I working on now?

I am finishing the final editing and polishing of my paranormal romance titled, Avenge Her. It is the second novel in The Druid’s Curse series. The first novel, Protect Her, will be released with Soul Mate Publishing October, 2014.

Avenge Her:

When a plan set in motion centuries ago threatens Malcolm Campbell’s godchild, he must overcome his hatred of all things magical to protect those he loves. A blizzard traps a beautiful witch in his castle and tests the strength of his vow of celibacy. She insists she can help him against the malevolent being threatening his godchild, but learning to trust a witch is one thing, learning to forgive her kind and fight by her side is another. Somehow Malcolm must do both before the evil that lurks seals his godchild’s fate.

How does my work differ from others in the genre?

My series feature a Druid as the antagonist. I have not found too many novels with Druids, and the one’s that I’ve seen or read, feature the Druid as either the hero or heroine.

Why do I write what I do?

I have always been drawn to anything Celtic, mythical, paranormal and romantic. I also love genealogy and history and I have tried to combine all these elements into my books in effort to give the reader a ride they wont forget. I want to make them worry, startle, smile and cry, and, hopefully, leave them wanting more.

How does my writing process work?

My novels start with a character, a location, and a general idea of how it will end. I open the computer, close my eyes and let the book play out as a movie in my mind. I then type what I saw.

I am far from a plotter. I begin with a scene and the ending in mind, and then try to get my characters in all kinds of drama and trouble before they reach their happy ever after. Torture is so good for them. Most of the time, by the time I reach the end, it has changed dramatically from the idea I had when I started. The characters, and plots surprise the heck out of me, and I hope my readers as well.

I guess I shall compare my writing process to a tornado as they are weighing heavy on my mind today. I have a central point and my characters, plot twists, and locations get sucked into the vortex until they blow into a story. I then take everything that’s landed and clean it up.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little more. The blog tour continues with a wonderful author, and friend…

Maureen Bonatch, she will be posting on May 5, 2014. Be sure to check her out.


Remember, let me know how weather affects your writing!



6 thoughts on “Can you write during a natural disaster?”

  1. Enjoyed your post! and congrats once again on your new release 🙂
    In response to your question about how storms affect my writing – they normally make my imagination run wild and give me more ideas for a few of my current stories. Especially during a blizzard as long as the electric doesn’t go out again. (even though I’m definitely not fond of strong winds, lightning and sleet).
    I too, send my prayers for everyone in path of these tragic storms.


    1. Patty, thanks so much and I agree. Though it was a bit dicey yesterday, I found myself dreaming up all kinds of mayhem for my third book, Fear Her. Can’t wait to get started writing all kinds of craziness for my heroine!


  2. In my neck of the woods, it’s the snow that gives us trouble. I can write well then, as there isn’t an option for much else to do but hibernate 🙂 But if it were tornado’s, I don’t know that I could, I’m not used to that. Great post!


    1. Thanks Maureen. After living for eight years up in your neck of the woods, I miss the snow. I’ve lived in places with earthquakes (no time to worry about them, and their over before you know it), and hurricanes (during which you have plenty of time to flee), but tornados, I think are the worst, especially if you don’t have a basement or storm shelter. But, luckily we made it out just fine. Yikes!


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