Second Annual Romancing the Lakes Writing Contest 2014

 Second Annual

Romancing the Lakes Writing Contest  2014

Romancing the Lakes Romance Writers is sponsoring a contest for unpublished authors.

Contest information 

Minnesota is known for its 10,000 lakes where romance can happen in all seasons, on any one of the lakes. Do you have a scene on a lake or any body of water in your romance manuscript? It doesn’t make a difference what State or Country your story takes place in, or if your characters have a romantic encounter on land or sea.


        Romancing the Lakes Writers recently opened their 2nd. Annual writing contest for all unpublished writers to enter their manuscripts. The entry must include “a romance and a lake or any body of water”.  So what if you don’t have a lake in your story?  We as writers need to always be thinking outside the box.  That is what makes our writing unique and makes it stand out from the rest.  So let’s consider the part where it needs to include a lake or any body of water.

        As Minnesotans, we do not have by any means a shortage of lakes when our state boasts over 10,000 lakes!  We have no excuses! If you live in any of the states bordered by the ocean, whether it is the East Coast, West Coast or the Gulf of Mexico, you also have an abundance of water near you.  Even those who don’t live near the coasts, probably still have a river nearby, such as the “Mighty Mississippi”.  Then of course there is Nevada and Arizona which are basically deserts, but even they still have lakes and lots and lots of swimming pools.

        Which brings us to the any body of water part.  This would include swimming pools, ponds, or even water fountains.   But your story may not have any of these various bodies of water in it, so now what?  We are writers.  We are creative people.  If you don’t have a body of water in your story, it is as simple as adding one.  Just a line or two, a few strokes on the keyboard  and you can magically add a body of water to your story. Your main character could be jogging past a pond, driving alongside a river, swimming in a pool or shopping at a local mall area where they have a water fountain in the courtyard.

Let your mind be creative and open to thinking outside the box. Give it your best shot and enter the Romancing the Lakes Writers Contest.  Good luck to everyone!


RTL President

  • Contest open for submissions March 1,  2014
  • Submission deadline: Midnight of May 30, 2014
  • Entry Fee: $20
  • Eligibility: Open to all unpublished authors. Submitted manuscripts must not be currently under consideration from a publisher.
  • Entries will be sentelectronically as an email attachment to first round judges by May 31, 2014, and they will be provided score sheets to fill out which will be sent back to the entrants.
  • Final Judges will receive entries to rank and comment on. All score sheets will be sent back to the entrants.

First round Judges: RWA PRO and PAN members, along with trained judges, editors and proofreaders.

All Entries must include:

  • Must be sent electronically asan email attachment to
  • Each entry will be the first 7,000 minimum to 8,500 maximum words, to a clear story break (such as a chapter break).
  • The entry must ONLY include the story title, genre and word count.
  • Entry pages must be double-spaced with one inch margins all around and in 12 pt. Courier New or Times New Roman font.

~~~ 2014 Final Judges ~~~


CallieLynn Wolfe , Executive Editor

 The Wild Rose Press


Rhonda Penders, Executive Editor

    The Wild Rose Press


Nancy Schumacher, Executive Editor

      Melange Books, LLC


 Gwen Hayes,  Editor



Middle Ages
American Old West

Cassie Knight, Senior Editor

  Champagne Books






 Leanne Burroughs, Editor

      Highland Press

Sci/Fi  &  Futuristic:

 Garrett Marco, Editor

         Soul Mate

Time Travel: 

Gail A. Delaney, Editor

      Desert Breeze

Romantic Mystery/Suspense and Cozies: 

 Terri Bischoff, Executive Editor 

    Midnight Ink 

 (an imprint of Llewellyn Publications)

Young Adult :

  Denise Meinstad, Senior Editor –                 Fire and Ice 

                  (an Imprint of Melange Books, LLC )


The final top three winners in each category will receive:

First Place Prize in each category:

The Lakes Writing Award

and $20 gift certificate to

Second and Third place winners in each category:

Receive a Lakes Writing certificate.

Finalists will be notified by Email.

Winners will be announced at:

Romancing the Lakes Romance Writers

‘Road to Publishing Conference’ August 1-2, 2014


Kathleen Nordstrom

Romancing the Lakes Romance Writers-   Chapter Contact/Coordinator

***** Permission granted and please share***

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