How would you like a second chance…for murder?

Well, would you? Okay, maybe not murder… but how would you like a second chance for anything?

I would!

Ann Lacey is here today and she knows all about A Second Chance for Murder.


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Read on as Ann Lacey she shares a bit about herself and tells us all about her new release from Soul Mate Publishing

A Second Chance for Murder


What is your favorite decade and why?

Definitely the Sixties! My growing up years. Having brothers I watched westerns, campy sci-fi movies on Chiller 007Theater, and went to the first James Bond Movie starring Sean Connery (whom my eldest brother desperately tried to emulate but somehow his New Jersey accent didn’t fit the savvy spy’s persona).


I jumped rope outside with my friends (never got the hang of double-dutch, kept getting hit in the head with the rope, ouch!) and my roller skates were made of metal and had a key to tighten the fit which, to my mother’s dismay, ruined more than a few pair of my PF Flyers (sneakers). I talked for hours on the phone with my best friend. (We still talk today, but not at marathon length).


Yes, I was one of those hysterical girls screaming at the first sight of the Beatles. Untitled  

I wore miniskirts (legs were in better shape, then), my hair was as short as Twiggy’s and watched Neil Armstrong walk on the


The sixties was a decade of change, some good, others sad but will always remain the decade filled with many of my fondest memories.



I thought this video would go perfect while reading about A Second Chance for Murder. Push play and see if you agree!

What is your favorite childhood TV show?

Westerns were the rage during my youth and my favorite was Bonanza. ml

 It was the first western to be televised in color but that wasn’t the reason I sat glued to the TV screen every Sunday night.

I had a huge crush (my first) on Michael Landon who played the youngest Cartwright son, Little Joe. I promptly joined the Bonanza fan club and received an autographed photo of the cast, an official ID fan club card and, of course, a picture of the Ponderosa Map, the one that was seen at the opening of the show (wish I had kept that!)bonanza


I confess to owning a few DVD’s and will occasionally watch on old rerun on TV.


Sitting next to my laptop I have a Bonanza cup that holds my paper clips. Ok, so I’m still a fan! comp

Do you have any pets?

Currently, we have 2 dogs and 4 cats. Henna and Molly (dogs) Lulu, Kitty, Kiki and Hunter (cats).

All are rescues and each one has their own quirks and unique

Take Lulu for instance. She is a junk food junkie. Just open a bag of chips and Lulu magically appears. She also loves spaghetti. Lulu doesn’t like the company of the other felines and spends most of her day with the dogs and has been known to steal from their food bowls.


Here she is enjoying one of her favorite snacks which she was busted after knocking it off the kitchen counter.dorito


A Dorito eating Kitty…love it!


A Second Chance for Murder…

Click cover to buy from Amazon

When local authorities are unable to find the culprit who murdered her dearest friend, Lady Thora Mannington decides to take the matter in hand and find the killer herself!


Fearing for his sister’s safety, her brother, Nyle, turns to his friend Garren Huntscliff for help.Though his investigating days are over, Garren cannot refuse his troubled friend and takes the case. Complicating his efforts is the lovely Lady Thora, who insists on joining forces with him yet refuses to adhere to his cautions and continually places herself at risk and is so disarmingly enchanting that he finds himself falling for her. Now Garren has two things on his mind: finding a crafty and elusive killer and keeping the reckless Lady Thora from becoming a victim.   

Excerpt from A Second Chance for Murder

Satisfied that all her suspects had arrived, Thora started to return to her seat to have a second cup of tea when suddenly three voices rang out in unison, “Who is he?”   Turning back to the window, Thora peered out in time to see  a man ducking his head to alight from his carriage. Planting two highly polished black boots on the ground, he unfolded his extremely tall frame. From beneath a jacket of light wool broadcloth, his massive shoulders pulled back to stretch. He wore his thick, chestnut-colored hair long, swept back from his face. His nose was straight and his chin firm. 


  Thora’ strained to see the color of his eyes, but they were hidden under such dark, long lashes that it seemed almost sinful for a man to possess them.   “Do you know him, Thora?” Lauryn whispered excitedly.   “No, I don’t,” Thora replied, without removing her gaze from the stranger. “A friend of Nyle’s, I suppose.” Gazing down on the tree-sized stranger, Thora suddenly felt heated, as if she were standing dangerously close to a raging fire. When the newcomer’s footman closed the gleaming black-lacquered door of his master’s carriage, her keen eyes noticed a brass family crest that seemed vaguely familiar. A shield. Narrowing her eyes, she saw what appeared to be a raised symbol of some sort, proudly displayed at its center. Now where had she seen that before? She only knew that it had been some years ago in the early days of her youth.  


Suddenly, as if he knew he was being watched, the striking, large-framed visitor suddenly looked up at the library windows. His perceptive gaze startled her three companions. Gasping, Floris, Lauryn, and Cecilia stumbled backward from their concealed viewing spot, tumbling over one another like circus   Thora rolled her eyes but, unlike the other three girls, she stood her ground, meeting the stranger’s stare with one of her own. She was taken back when an unhurried smile spread across his face. That, she did not return. “Insolent rogue!” she muttered under her breath, roughly pulling the curtains shut. In a huff, she stalked back to her seat and dropped down onto its cushion. Quickly, she poured a much-needed cup of tea, sipping it slowly to hide the flush in her cheeks.  

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Ann Lacey Trivia:

I love art deco, would feel naked not wearing a wrist watch, have a small but growing collection of rooster figurines and much to my family’s bewilderment can watch a favorite movie (especially film noir) more than once in a single day. a819f72caeb90a823908ae.L._V351005730_SX200_


I have recently moved to North Carolina where I am renovating a historical townhome built in 1920. If I can accomplish one thing with my writing it would be my wish to entertain.


Click cover to buy from Amazon



Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Second Chance for Murder by Ann Lacey. Just click on the cover and buy for only $2.99 from Amazon.


Thanks so much for being here, Ann! It’s been a blast.    


Please leave a comment and let us know if you’d like a second chance for… anything. There are two things in my life I’d like a second chance for. Now, I could tell you what they were…but then I’d have to kill you…muwhahahaha. 🙂

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