Spotlight On…Stacy Hoff’s Desire in the Everglades!

Rachel Sharpe's Blog

Today I’m featuring fellow Soul Mate Publishing author Stacy Hoff’s novel, Desire in the Everglades.


Q: How long have you been writing?

A: Ever since I could hold a pencil. I got serious about writing professionally about seven years ago. I figured out pretty quickly I needed help, assuming all the rejection letters I received were any indication. I kept hearing the same comments from agents and editors—I had good story concepts and strong characters, but my writing needed some work. So I joined the Connecticut Chapter of Romance Writers of America (CTRWA) to learn what I needed to do—how to correctly pace my story, stay in POV, develop my character arc, and create believable dialogue. I still learn from my group, and go to classes once a month.

Q: Tell us about your road to publication.

A: CTRWA was hosting a large conference last year (Fiction Fest 2013)…

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