Rituals and Practices of the Ancient Druids: Guest Post by Sophia Kimble


DRUIDS…Who were they?

My paranormal romance novel, Protect Her, released by Soul Mate Publishing, is the first novel in The Druid’s Curse Series.

In it, Lailoken, is a Druid High Priest and all-around bad guy. I’ve taken the following research and melded it into a series of fated love, curses, Druids, and witches.

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Who were the Druids?

The Druids were ancient peoples during the Iron Age (roughly 12th century BC until the time of the Roman Empire… 27 BC until about 500 AD) from Gaul, Galicia, Ireland, and Britain. They were an educated class of a religious order that included ancient lawyers, poets, doctors and other learned professions.

***Not one single artifact or image has been discovered regarding the Druids. What we know of them has been surmised through ancient text written by others. The earliest known text written about the…

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