Book review– Protect Her (Druid’s Curse Book 1) by Sophia Kimble

5 Star review for Protect Her!

Ryan Jo Summers

Christmas is only days away and I feel as I just stepped off of a time machine. I just finished reading Protect Her and am now having a hard time bringing myself back to the real world of glittery trees and merry carols. While I normally don’t much go for demons and curses, this was a powerful book to read.

Sophia Kimble cover Protect Her

Golden and Kris are lovers who were cursed centuries ago by a terrible demon–like there’s ever been a good demon, right? The evil Lailoken first condemned Goldhain and Krzysztof to a fiery death, only to return at the appointed time, reincarnated. Destined to meet and fall in love, they could only hold each other a short time until their ultimate date with death once more. Endless times the young lovers reincarnate and repeat the sad cycle, forever trapped in a living, dying curse.

This time, however, it might turn out…

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