What I Don’t Say by Rebecca E. Neely

We, as writers, spend hours, days, months, years, searching for ways to tell stories and say things in compelling ways.

However, the longer I write, I find what I don’t say is equally, if not sometimes, more important to the story.

SilenceSilence, pregnant pauses, respites, breaks, and other taciturn timeouts add, and enhance interest and drama and flair, not only in stories, but all around us, every day.

For example, on a recent weekend getaway, while walking in the woods, only blessed silence surrounded me. Because of the absence of noise other than the trees swaying in the breeze, I enjoyed the blue sky, the sun on my face, the trees, their leaves, beneath my feet, all the more.

How about music? Scores (pun intended) of examples exist but The Chain by Fleetwood Mac comes to mind. The song begins with a haunting blend of bare bones guitar chords and drums…

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