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A Slice of Scottish Streetlife

In honor of Tartan Day…today April 6th

The Beauty Along the Road

A parade of bag pipe bands is an essential part of the Highland Games held in Nairn, Scotland, each summer. The bands gather in a park and then march down the streets to the fairgrounds. We stopped this group of fellows to ask them about their band and their outfits.

The boys from the band The boys from the band

They proudly showed off the essential components of their band attire, correcting our playful usage of the word “skirt” by stating firmly: “It’s not a skirt, it’s a kilt!”

Then they hurried back to the rest of their band to line up for the big parade. Tartan patterns of different colors, long scarves, kilts and knee socks gathered in a colorful melee, then finally found their place in line.

gathering the troops gathering the troops

final touch-up final touch-up

Did you see that leopard print?

Drummer in leopard print Drummer in leopard print

Spectators of the two- and four-legged kind lined the sides of…

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