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Promoting Yourself Through Video – Guest Post by Susan Scott Shelley

Great advice for those of you looking to make a video trailer for your book.

Think of the last movie trailer that evoked this reaction: “Wow, I’ve got to see that!”

You have the power to stir that same reaction in your current readers and potential readers. Here are three ideas: Videos showcasing the type and tone of the stories you write, book trailers, and advertisements for big contests and giveaways. Through words, excerpts, images and music, you can generate a reaction like, “Wow, this author looks amazing, I have to check him/her out…and tell my friends!”

Don’t know where to start? It’s easy! Really…I promise.

Hiring someone to create the entire video for you is one option but if you want to stretch your artistic wings, you can create the entire video on your own, you can contract out a portion, like the voice and/or video production through a freelancer site, and you can use royalty-free music and images.

Whether you use a…

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