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DRUIDS…Ancient Bad Boys of Summer

I am guest blogging on Paranormal Romantics blog today.


This month’s theme is Bad Boys of Summer and what better way to start this off than talk about Druids.

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Were Druids the original Hippies?

The Druids, in search of enlightenment, would partake of magic mushrooms. The fly Agaric is one such mushroom. It has been said the Druid would fast for 3 days prior to ingestion. His urine (which would be mostly water and the hallucinogenic components of the mushroom) would then be drunk by others.


The body absorbs the fly agaric’s hallucinogens first, and then expels the toxins from the stomach. The hallucinogenic chemicals then exert their influence on the body and are expelled unaltered in the urine.

As terrible as this sounds, I found I had to put this in my novel, Protect Her, which features an evil Druid, Lailoken.


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How they may have been the original Hippies,

What kinds of sacrifices they specialized in performing,

What holidays they observed,

Sacred trees,

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…And where they are now.