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March Magic

Before all the magic drains out of March, I thought I’d share the little story I wrote to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. (With a name like “Ireland” I think I was destined to spin stories and sing songs.)
A Leprechaun’s Love

“Will you be choosing the gold or the Leprechaun?” The Irish glen fairly rang with a voice that didn’t quite sound human.

Maddy stared at the tiny man who could have walked off of the pages of any of the Celtic Myth volumes that she used to teach her class. She’d been piecing clues together for the last five years, but now that she had the Leprechaun and gold in her sight, she realized she’d never really believed.

The creature’s bored voice. and raised bushy eyebrows caused her to study him. He either didn’t care about the outcome, or he wanted to hurry her along for another reason. Leprechauns…

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